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Enigma Spellbound

27 December 2006 - 16 April 2007



Opps! No, this is not a Ridgeback but a Basenji, another breed originary from Africa. Some years ago I knew about the breed and I started to be interested in them, and it was some months ago when I decided that I wanted to make this step and have a little dog at home. After reading more about the breed and see that the character is similar to my beloved Ridgebacks, I thought it could be a really good idea to introduce this little big breed at home. The main Basenji's traits are the wrinkles in its head, the pricked ears, the curled tail, the elegance and Gazelle-like grace are the hallmark of the breed, he doesn't bark but he is not mute, instead of a bark he yodels and he can be aloof with strangers.

Now I want to present you Enigma Spellbound, a very promising puppy, he will travel with my Ridgebacks to try luck in the show rings. His breeders are Sofie Lönn and Madelene Lönn from Sweden, with the kennel name Enigma . I want to thank them their hospitality and the most important thing that they let me come to Spain with Phantom.

My beloved Phantom died on April 16th. He only stayed with us 19 days but he stole our hearts. I will remember you my beloved Phantom, I hope that the legend about your name comes true one day.




3rd Generation 

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