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19 December 2010

We have attended the last show of the year, International Show in Valencia with Draco and Odette.

Draco has entered for the first time in Intermediate class, where he has obtained the CAC and CACIB.

Odette in Champion class has finished with CACIB and Best of Breed.

12 December 2010

Draco Best in Group in the Open Show of L'Arboç

28 November 2010

New pictures of Draco. Go to Events - Draco Noviembre 2010

18 October 2010

Today is a really sad day for my friend Elizabeth and for me ( I had a special love for Pha).

Multi Ch. Merigal's Phalana has crossed the rainbow bridge, but she has left a legacy behind her. All the people who met her felt that she was special and also she left a mark in the RR world, we have a little bit of her in her progeny.


16-17 October 2010

International Show in Martorell.

Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart has got Exc 1 and BOB from Junior Class and with his handler Susana. Later, in the group finals has achieved a nice 3rd in Group. He was a little nervous as he noticed me inside the crowd, but he performed nicely.


19 September 2010


Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart new Gibraltar Junior Champion!

More pics and information in Events 2010 - Gibraltar

29 August 2010

RR ClubShow in Switzerland. 3 sons of Vulcan and Phalana attended the show.

Judge: Richard Van Aken (Kennel Cartouche, Sudafrica)

Merigal's Tandiwe - Cl. open female - CAC and Best Female from Switzerland

Merigal's Tamasha - Cl. open female - Exc 5

Merigal's Runako Tsavo - Cl. Champion male - Exc

18 August 2010

The pictures of Tsavo have arrived look below on 7th August!

15 August 2010

Another stunning win of Molema Mua Rôo Goldfinger in Finland

Reserve BIS in an Open Show

12 August 2010

New photos of the puppies of Litter 6, They aren't puppies no more!

First Knight, Goldfinger, Indiana, Macbeth, Zardoz

Go to Litters- Litter 6 and clic on his names


Stunning male puppy, red and white, suitable for a show home.

Born on December 25th, 2009

Son of the Multiple Champions

Jasiri-Sukari Congaro Sock Hop "Dillon" (US, PORT, ESP, GI, INT Ch and BIS Winner)


Klassic's Made In The USA "Maddie" (PORT, ESP Ch and BIS Winner)

If you are interested in this puppy, please send an e-mail to:

7 August 2010

International Show in Ludwigshafen - Germany

Great news about Silvia and Tsavo. Today Tsavo has achieved , CACIB and BOB with the judge Hans Müller and with more than 90 RR entries. A great succes!!! To finish a great day he also achieved BEST IN GROUP with more than 10 breeds in the group!!!

Congratulations Silvia and Tsavo.

Ch. Merigal's Runako Tsavo

(Multi Ch. Ozrhode Dia Hot Prospect x Multi Ch. Merigal's Phalana)

1 August 2010

National Show in Cahors - France

Odette - 3 BIG

More information and photos

27 July 2010

Preliminar x-rays for Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart - Free of Hip Displasia


The sire of the next litter (Freddy) in the cover of the catalogue of the Int. Show of Parnü

10-11 July 2010

French Championship - Paris 2010

Odette achieves the CAC and CACIB for her French Championship title. More information and pictures of the trip here.

13 June 2010

Internacional Show in Castellon

Another great show weekend. The results as follow:

MultiCh. Bulldobas Ambassador - Ch. class - Exc 1, CACIB, BOB and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

MultiCh. Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic - Ch. class - Exc 1, CACIB, BOB and BEST IN GROUP!

National Show in Orivesi - Finland

And to top the news of this weekend when I arrived home Eeva has written me about the results of little Rino.

Molema Mua Rôo Goldfinger - Junior Class - Exc 1, CAC, BOB and 4th in GROUP!

The judge Sergio Pizzorno from Uruguay.

Congratulations Eeva!

6 June 2010

Open Show in Riihimäki - Finland

Another success from Finland, this time it is little Rino, Molema Mua Rôo Goldfinger, the winner. He has been BIS Puppy in the open show of Riihimäki. Congratulations Eeva!

More pictures at Litters - Litter 6 - Molema Mua Rôo Goldfinger

30 Mayo 2010

Vic National Show

We have had such terrific results that they deserve their own web Events - Year 2010 - Vic 2010

RBIS Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart - Judge D. Alfonso Castells

22 and 23 May 2010

International Show of Talavera de la Reina - Mandatory Point

Tembo has been the only Molema Mua Rôo dog entered and he has achieved terrific results. Thanks to his owners Albert and Montse.

Molema Mua Rôo Zardoz - BOB Puppy Group 6

More information about the show at Events - Year 2010 - Talavera de la Reina

9 May 2010

International Show in St. Gallen - Switzerland

Excellent news about Vulcan x Phalana's offspring, both from repeated matings.

Merigal's Runako Tsavo - cl. open - Exc 1, CAC and CHAMPION OF SWITZERLAND!

Merigal's Tandiwe - cl. intermediate - Exc 1, CAC Being this her first CAC for the Switzerland Ch!

CH. Merigal's Runako Tsavo (MultiCh. Ozrhode Dia Hot Prospect x MultiCh. Merigal's Phalana)

Congratulations to his owner Sylvia and to his breeder Elizabeth Pestalozzi!!!

8 May 2010

International show in Toulouse - France

As every year we have attended the nice show held in Toulouse. This time there were more RR than other years.

Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart - cl. puppy - Very Good 1, Best Puppy

Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic - cl. open - Exc 2, RCAC and RCACIB

Some pics of the new kennel addition, Draco, he is 8 months old and shows great promise.

Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart - 8 months

Head shot of Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart

Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart - BOB Puppy in Toulouse Show

Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic - Odette

Head shot of Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic

25 April 2010

Open Show in Igualada

I have attended this show as a judge, so my dogs were not present this time. But we have had a nice representatives of the RR breed.

Merigal's Taji Namib (Vulcan's son) - Exc 1, BOB and 3rd in Group

Molema Mua Rôo Zardoz - Very Good 1, BOB Puppy and BIG Puppy

Owners of both, Albert and Montse.

Merigal's Taji Namib - 3 in Group

Me in the podium of the Group 5

22 March 2010

International Show in Girona 2010 and Ceremony of Catalonia Champion Title 2009

Today has been the show debut of Molema Mua Rôo Zardoz and Dragonheart.

Albert the owner and handler of Zardoz has done a really nice work obtaining Very Good 1, Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Group.

Molema Mua Rôo Zardoz - BIG Puppy

Molema Mua Rôo Dragonheart - Very Good 2

Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic - Exc 1 - CACIB and Best Bitch

With the Basenji Bulldobas Ambassador - Very Good

In the ceremony of the Catalonian Champion 2009, Odette has been Best in Group.

Catalonian Champions 2009

Me with MultiCh.Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic and Susana Mill with MultiCh.Bulldobas Ambassador

We are really concetrated in the photo!

Odette and me flying!

My friends!!! Newfoundland, Shar-Pei, Chow-chow, American Akita and RR. Really happy group!

8 March 2010

We have had a huge snow storm at home, at 8 am we had 25cm but at the end of the day we have arrived till 50cm!

All of us have enjoyed a lot, in the snow at home by the side of the fire!

Running in the snow at 8 am!

Enjoying all the pack

Neith, the best in the snow!

Draco, his second snow storm!

Me and the dogs

Robin with the snow till the belly!

Hours later, more thick of snow but the dogs... running!

Don't worry it was soft!

50cm of snow

It is not Siberia, it is Pinedes!

Odette in a photo session


22 February 2010

We have attended the Int. Show in Granada (Obligatory Point) and again we have had a great success!!!

Look at Events - Granada 2010

Robin - New Spanish Champion

Vulcan - BOB and he is 10 years old!!!

31 January 2010

Again in the road to National Show in Valls. Odette did great achieving Reserve of Group.

Merigal's Taji Namib (Vulcan's son) got his first CAC and little Tembo (MMR Zardoz) came to get used to the shows.

20 January 2010

Excellents news about the health of Odette and Robin:

Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic - Grade A in Hip Displasia and Free of Elbow Displasia

Bulldobas Ambassador - Probably Clear/Normal in the Fanconi Test

16 and 17 January 2010

Again on the road, another show year has started. The first shows in Portugal.

I couldn't assist this time, so Robin has travelled with my friend Nuria to the show as he only needed the Obligatory Excellent to become Portuguese Champion.

On Saturday- 70 Exp. Int. and Porto Winner 2010 where Bulldobas Ambassador (Robin) has achieved CAC, CACIB, BOB and PORTO WINNER 2010!!!

On Sunday- 71 Exp. Int. Obligatory Point and again Robin has a total success CAC-QC, CACIB and BOB and PORTUGUESE CHAMPION!!!

I want to thank to my friend Nuria Robin's Portuguese Championship as she has been who has handled him almost all the time. Thanks Nuria!

RR male for adoption

He is 6 years old, excellent temperament, good family member (2 little children) and he also lives with another adult dog.

This other adult dog is also in adoption but he has not breed, he comes from a farm in Montseny, he is 3 years old, very lovely character and happy dog.

Both are healthy, vaccinated and dewormed.

More information:

696 41 45 64 or

7 and 8 January 2010

And after the beach who was going to told us that we were going to find the garden like this.


And at the following day, more snow.

Please I want to enter!

My Wolf, 13 years old!

Nessy, I am cold!

My 2 Finnish Boys!


6 January 2010

A nice day in the beach



Robin who has enjoyed a lot and who has played with all the dogs in the beach!

Molema Mua Rôo Practical Magic's YEAR

In only one year Odette has obtained 6 championship titles, and she is only 2 years old. She has also obtained excellent results in the Specialties of Portugal and France and she has been proclamed as the Best RR of the year 2009 in the Ranking Eukanuba Dog's Show.

CAC-QC Specialty Club RR of Portugal
CAC-QC Obligatory Point Oporto
RCAC Club Show Club RR of France

CAC and BOS Specialty RR of Francia

CAC, CACIB, BOB in Obligatory Point Talavera de la Reina

CAC, CACIB, BOB, Reserve Group in Obligatory Point Badajoz

2 times Qualified for Crufts 2010
(Gibraltar and Spain)

BEST RR of the year 2009 in the Ranking Eukanuba DogShow and RSCE (Real Sociedad de Canina España)

International Champion
Spanish Champion
Portugal Champion
Gibraltar Champion
Catalonia Champion
a Champion



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