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Files of Old News


30 and 31 July 2022

National and International Dog Show of Sintra (Portugal)

We have attended these shows and we have 2 New Champions of Portugal!!!

To read more about the trip and see photos click here or on the photo above.

24 July 2022

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Show of Slovakia.

I am really honoured to judge it.

15 July 2022

Lavanda fields

More photos of this beautiful place here.

9 and 10 July 2022


93 EXPOSICIÓN INTERNACIONAL DO NORTE - Qualificativa de Campeonato

Great dog show weekend, my dogs have rocked in the rings of Portugal, they have taken all the prizes in every class they have entered. And to top it Mala Mala has also taken a place in the podium of the group.

Ch.Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala - Reserve in Group

Judge Ricardo Torre Simoes (Brazil)

Ch.Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala

More fotos and information about the trip and results click here or on the photos.

5 July 2022

Judge of the Specialty of Gos d'Atura Català - Böras, Sweden

I have been judging in Sweden last weekend. Although there were few Gossos d'Atura it has been a pleasure to do it.

Starting the Specialty.

Visiting Böras.

More photos of the whole trip and of course photos of the dogs, click here.

28 June 2022


More photos about my experience at the WDS click here.

21 June 2022

Today's hike

I really love to see the wheaten fields

19 June 2022

Photos of the puppies of the last litter at their new homes. Go to their pages to see more photos.

11 and 12 June 2022

National and International Dog Shows of Castellón

We have spent a nice weekend in Castellón, quite warm and high temperatures but the venue of the show is really comfortable for the dogs and exhibitors.

Our results are as follow :

National Dog Show

Judge: Oliver Simon - 13 RR

Oporto JW'20 Molema Mua Rôo Sentinel - open male - Exc1, CAC

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - intermediate female - Exc1

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage - junior female - Exc2, RCCJ

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri

Oporto JW'20 Molema Mua Rôo Sentinel

International Dog Show

Judge: Carmen Navarro - 13 RR

Oporto JW'20 Molema Mua Rôo Sentinel - open male - Exc2, RCAC

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - intermediate female - Exc1, CAC, RCACIB

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage - junior female - Exc2, RCCJ

6 June 2022

Genetic health results

EOAD genetic test is again available, and this time also in Europe, years ago we had to send them to USA and wait 2 or 4 months for the results. It is great we can do it here now and we can also choose between some laboratories.

We have done the test to the youngsters and all of them are FREE of EOAD.

Molema Mua Rôo Sentinel

Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage

4 June 2022

Hike on Saturday morning

Culebra bastarda (I think). Phoebe has discovered it, she didn't want to walk till Zuri has gone in front of her. I haven't seen it till I has gone through it. She was sunbathing.

21-22 May 2022


JFRCH. Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit - Exc 3

Judge: Roger Barenne (Francia)

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - MB 2

Judge: Roger Barenne (Francia)

16 May 2022


Fabulous weekend with double win of RESERVE BIS PUPPY FOR PHOEBE and GROUP 6 FOR COSMO.

ClicK here to go and see the complete results and fotos of our team in this event.

11 May 2022

10 May 2022 - Launching of the New Range Rover Sport

We have some images from the filming we had on January.

Photos from the web and catalogue of Range Rover and the dogs are Molema Mua Rôo Satara, Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala and Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage.

28 April 2022


Click here or on the photo to go to the full article about the European Dog Show, plenty of photos and of course the results of our dogs.

Video about Saturday judgement, Championship of France:


Video about Sunday judgement, European Dog Show:


9 April 2022

Video about the puppies



5 April 2022

1 April 2022

Sometimes we also have bad news about our puppies.

Molema Mua Rôo Marnie (Rio) has gone with her parents and brothers to the heaven of dogs.

Hugs to Glenn.

29 March 2022

27 March 2022

More puppy news, this time from Switzerland.

The puppies of Chispa and Cosmo are here. 2 correct males and really big ones.

25 March 2022

The puppies of Satara and Mambo are here. The birth has been really long and we have had to finish it at the veterinary, 2 puppies had to be born. Unfortunately one of the females was stillborn, that was the reason why the labour stopped. But luckily the last female was alive.

It is really important to make a previous x-ray to count the puppies so you know what to expect and act according what happens.

So the result is, 9 puppies, 3 males and 6 females (1 stillborn), all of them are correct with some white on their chest. From wheaten to red wheaten color. And really nice and long ridges.

Satara and the puppies.

23 March 2022

I am really happy with the news I have received from the RSCE. I am able to judge all the group 8.

Now the next one will be the group 6, it is the most difficult as it is the larger one in the FCI.

21 March 2022

19 and 20 March 2022

International Dog Show of Tarragona

Second show of the year, this time near home, in Tarragona.

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage - VP 1, Best Puppy of Brees and Best Puppy in Group

Judge: J.F. Vanaken (Be)

Our camp

The show ground

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - cl. intemediate - VG1

Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit - cl. intemediate - Exc1, RCAC and RCACIB

Molema Mua Rôo Sentinel - cl. open - VG

9 March 2022



6 March 2022



28 February 2022

Today we have received the results of hip and elbow displasia of Zuri. She is perfect!

23 February 2022

There will be puppies at Molema Mua Rôo at the end of March.

21 February 2022

We are happy to announce that Cosmo will become father in the well-known Merigal Kennel in Switzerland.

12 February 2022

9 February 2022

Zuri and Phoebe my little girls

3 February 2022

We have another genetic test Rhodesian Ridgeback Inherited Ventricular Arrithmia (RR-IVA)

Although the test is not 100% accurate as also other things are involved, it's a first step.

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri is free of RR-IVA

Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit is free of RR-IVA

Molema Mua Rôo Sentinel is free of RR-IVA

More info about it:

My take on RR IVA - Camelot Rhodesian Ridgebacks


1 February 2022

Thanks Berta Arriazu for buying the book.

She is breeder of Basset Hound but it is always good to widen our knowledge about the breeds of our same group 6.


27 January 2022

Now also a video about us during our weekend in Perpignan



22-24 January 2022

Great weekend at Perpignan.

My dogs have excelled in morphology as well as in work, we have also attended the TAN of the RRCF.

For more information click here or on the photo.

18 January 2022

We already have the photos, click here or on the photo to see more.

5 January 2022


1 January 2022

First walk of the year

Molema Mua Rôo achievements on 2021

2021 has been another year of the COVID-19 impact, the shows started at the end of May so we have only attended to some shows from May to December, but of course not as many as when we hadn't the covid-19.

The first shows were near home, in Odena. There Zuri and Cosmo attended as Puppy on their first show but 15 days later they already were in Junior class. So they haven't had time to train and get used to the ring and judges aproach.

Their next show was at the Nationale d'élevage in Chatel-Guyon in France, the results not bad at all despite the clown of Cosmo.

Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit achieved the title of French Junior Champion. Some weeks later in Bilbao he also won the Euskadi Winner 2021 title.

Also another book about the breed in Spanish came in 2021:


Written by Timmy U. Ralfe, judge and lover of the breed.

Useful book for owners, breeders and judges. Helpful explanation about the standard that will show owners and breeders the good and bad points of the dog as well as some tips for judges once they have to judge
the breed.

If you are interested on the spanish book, contact me:


We attended the 2 Mandatory Points Dog Shows in Madrid where Mala Mala finished her Spanish Championship title.

Our blond girl, Zuri, is improving at the shows and gaining confidence so we hope to trian more in 2022 where it seems that shows will be more frequent and not cancelled due to covid.

She achieved the Euskadi Winner 2021 title.

And from the last litter of Zeta, where we wanted a male... we kept a female. So welcome Phoebe!!!


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