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Files of Old News


September 2023


More information call me at 696414564 or send email to

24 September 2023

Tarrega Dog Show

And this weekend we have gone to Tarrega dog show only with Zuri and she has shined!!!

30 August 2023




23-27 August 2023


More information and photos of the World Dog Show, click here or on the photos.

5 and 6 August 2023

Nationale d'Élevage et Spéciale du Rhodesian Ridgeback à Châtelguyon (France)

To read more about the show and see mor photos click here or on the photo

22 July 2023

Judging at the Dalmatian Club de France Club show

BOB Genius Numen del Parnaso

To see more about it click here or on the photo.

8 and 9 July 2023

International Dog Shows do Norte (Portugal)

Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Latin Winner 2023 and NEW PORTUGAL CHAMPION

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage

Judge Adolfo Martinez Noguera (Es)

Exc 1, CCV, CACIB-V, Best Veteran, Veteran Latin Winner 2023

Molema Mua Rôo Satara

Judge Adolfo Martinez Noguera (Es)

More photos and results click here or on the photos.

2 July 2023

National Dog Show of Serres-Castet (France)

Fast trip to Serres-Castet because there was a Spéciale de Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Not a very clear photo but it shows how nice is Phoebe's movement, great reach and drive.

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage

Judge: Jose Homem de Mello (Portugal)

Exc 1, CAC and Best of Breed


25 June 2023

International Dog Show of Zaragoza

We have attended the Zaragoza dog show. We have finished the championships we wanted to finish during this show.

Judge: John Walsh (Ireland)

Molema Mua Rôo Satara - cl. veteran - Exc 1, CCV, CACIB-V, MV, BOS and NEW SPANISH VETERAN CHAMPION!

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - cl. open - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

3 and 4 June 2023

CACIB Spéciales de Race and Championnat de France

Château de Brognon - Dijon

Amazing weekend in France, Cosmo has finished his French Championship and Phoebe is one step closer.

Click here or on the photos below to see the full report and results.

27-28 May 2023

XXXIX Exposición Internacional Canina de Otoño - Latin Winner y Trofeo de S.M la Reina Doña Sofia

XCIV Exposición Internacional Canina de Primavera - Clasificatoria Crufts 2024 y Trofeo de S.M. El Rey

4 New Champions at home after this amazing weekend plenty of excellent results at the dog shows in Madrid.

Click here or on the photo to read more about it.


Meanwhile in Romania. at the National and Internationals Dog Show of Napoca.

RO Ch. RO JCh. Molema Mua Rôo Black Caviar

Achieves the following results:

CAC - Exc 1, CACL, BOB, Res BOG with the judge Peter Friedrich Berchtold (Austria)

CACIB - 2* Exc 1, 2*CACL, 2*BOB, 2*CACIB and 3rd place in Group with the judges Luis Manuel Calado Catalan (Portugal) and Dusan Paunovic (Serbia)

Achieving with this results the title of: ROMANIAN CHAMPION CUM LAUDAE (R-CH. C. L)

Great work for Alexandra Dochia and Claudiu Ch and of course little Zemy.

I don't know what will happen if Phoebe and Zemy enter the ring together both are amazing!!!

7 May 2023

BIS at the Banbridge Championship Show


A beautiful dog who was a pleasure to see in motion, it was a great selection for the BIS done by the judge Livija Zizevske.

More photos, please click here.

2 May 2023

23 April 2023

11 April 2023

The critiques of Crufts have been published, here you are what the breed specialist judge, Toni Agnew, said about Phoebe:

Yearling Bitch

1st. Moyano Gonzalves’ – Molema Mua Roo Dark Mirage.

I loved the outline on this girl. She is pleasing from nose to tail. Super head with an intelligent eye and well used ears. Her neck is well crested and of good length. She has a lovely ‘H’ front with good infill, elbows are close to chest. Her body length is ideal with good ribbing and a strongloin. She has lovely curves to her quarters with width to thighs. Her handler allows her freedom to move and she does it with style. In the challenge for Best Bitch despite her youth I could not deny her the R.C.C.                                                                 


9 April 2023

Some news from Romania!!! Zemy becomes Romanian Champion!!!

1 April 2023

Video about our trip to Crufts


18-19 March 2023

International Dog Show Tarragona

Phoebe does it again!! BOB and Best in Group

Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit - cl. champion males - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - cl. open females - Exc 1, RCAC

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage - cl. intermediate females - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG


9-12 March 2023


Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage from Yearling class - Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate

To read all the information about the show and also about the trip, click here or on the photo.

4 and 5 March 2023


Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri - cl. open females - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB

Judge: David Allan

Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit - cl. open males - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage - cl. intermediate females - Exc 1, RCAC, RCACIB

Merigal's Zeta Molema Mua Rôo - cl. veteran females - Exc 1, CCV, BOB VETERAN and NEW SPANISH VETERAN CHAMPION

For more photos and results click here or on the photos.

26 February 2023

13 February 2023

Enjoying at the beach

10 February 2023

8 February 2023

Today we have received the official results of hip and elbow displasia of Phoebe. She is free for both.

HD: Grade A

ED: Grade 0

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage

7 February 2023

Gran actualización en las páginas de los cachorros de la camada 20.

Molema Mua Rôo Makanyi

Molema Mua Rôo Makhadzi

Molema Mua Rôo Makumu

Molema Mua Rôo Malewane

Molema Mua Rôo Mavunde

Molema Mua Rôo Misava

Molema Mua Rôo Monwana

Molema Mua Rôo Mthunzi

29 January 2023

Big update on the pages of the puppies of Litter 19. Photos since they left my house till today.

Molema Mua Rôo Chekutanga

Molema Mua Rôo Mufambi

Molema Mua Rôo Murwi y Molema Mua Rôo Ndoto

Molema Mua Rôo Mwedzi

Molema Mua Rôo Runako

Molema Mua Rôo Shavishavi

Molema Mua Rôo Shona

Molema Mua Rôo Shumbakadzi

25 January 2023

24 January 2023

National and International Dog Shows of Perpignan and TAN of the RRCF 2023

BIS Sunday

BIS Saturday

Specialty of Rhodesian Ridgeback

For more information about the National and International show, click here.

TAN of the RRCF in Perpignan

For more photos and information about the TAN, click here.

13 January 2023

Today the rosettes I will give to my winners of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty of Perpignan.

They are quite big.

10 January 2023

Massive update of photos about my puppies of the Litters 16 and 17.

Sorry to update so late their pages with these wonderful photos, they deserve to be seen, how they grow and how they are loved and spoilded by their owners.

Molema Mua Rôo Kikuyu

Molema Mua Rôo Nyeri

Molema Mua Rôo Samburu

Molema Mua Rôo Illona Freya

Molema Mua Rôo Idalia Nala

Molema Mua Rôo Black Caviar

Molema Mua Rôo Brooklyn Strong

Molema Mua Rôo Makybe Diva

Molema Mua Rôo Personal Ensign

Molema Mua Rôo Winx

9 January 2023

We start with our boy Cosmo.

Molema Mua Rôo achievements on 2022

2022 started with some restrictions due to Covid-19, but step by step the life came to normality and people started to go to more dog shows and events.

We started the year with a really amazing experience, the filming of some adds for the new Range Rover Sport. The models were Satara, Mala Mala and Phoebe.

Our first big event was the European Dog Show in Paris and the French Championship. We attended with litter mates Cosmo, Zuri who both were classified in their class and Zeta and Phoebe, mother and daughter, who achieved Best Veteran and Best Puppy of the European Dog Show. I am over the moon about these results.

Finally also the World Dog Show Madrid 2020 arrived. It was postponed due to Covid-19 to 2022. I have only attended as judge and steward, it has been a lovely experience. I must say that the WDS Madrid has been a really nice event, big halls, big main ring, excellent organization.

The other big event we have attended this year was the French Specialty (Nationale d'élevage). Cosmo needed the CAC to finish his French championship so he was the main actor. But I also decided to go with little Phoebe in junior class. But who stole the show was Phoebe! She won the Junior class, later she went as Best Female and finally she got Best In Show of the Specialty.

Amazing, my dream accomplished, to win the BIS of a specialty with a dog bred by me.

BISS Nationale d'Elevage 2022

Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage

Judge Mrs. Sandra Piscedda (Italy)

We have also attended some other shows woth mandatory points; Porto, Santarem and Gibraltar, as well as other in Spain and France, in all cases the results were just incredible. The briefing of the titles achieves this year is:

Ch.Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala

Portugal Champion

Portugal Oporto Winner 2022

Crufts 2023 Qualification

FrJCh. Molema Mua Rôo Marsabit

Portugal Champion

Porto Winner 2022

Latin Winner 2022

CPC Winner 2022

3xCrufts Q'23

Molema Mua Rôo Mahali Mzuri

CPC Winner 2023

Crufts Q'23

MultiCh.Merigal's Zeta Molema Mua Roo


Molema Mua Rôo Dark Mirage


France Junior Champion

Spain Junior Champion

Portugal Junior Champion

Iberian Junior Champion

Gibraltar Junior Champion

International Junior Champion

4 x Crufts Q'23

And a nice achievement is the following fact. In France there is a ranking and although I am not fan of rankings as it means to attend almost all the dog shows and you can see that I don't do it, neither in my own country Spain. Then after 4 shows that we have attended we have had the following classment:

Source Dogs Revelation (

Below the classment in Junior, Adulto, Senior, Prix d'Occitanie and Breeder.

And also we have champions from abroad.

About the breeding, we have made 2 fantastic litters with Mala Mala and Satara.


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