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Multiple RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Grand Ch.Usakose Gizmos Design ET

HD: 3:4=7 (Grado B)
Semen congelado

Pedigree Cachorros


It's an honour for me to include Multiple RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Grand Ch.Usakose Gizmos Design ET as stud dog in my breeding plans. Micky is a very sound dog, with an excellent conformation, superb movement and lovable temperament. He has done very well in the show rings throughout Australia and now his progeny is following his steps. So I think that Micky will leave his pawprints over here.

Many thanks to his owners, Jessica and Sean Reilly from Amakhosi Kennel. Thanks for sending me some drops of frozen semen from this great boy. And also is a great pleasure and surprise that I've been told by our Ministery that I'm the very first person in Spain importing frozen semen of dog.


1999 Australian National Dog: Best of Breed Rhodesian Ridgeback

He is a Multiple Best and Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group winner; Class in Show/Group winner at both All Breeds and Specialty levels.

Micky is also a Multiple Runner Up Best Exhibit in Show Championship All Breeds Winner.

He was also the Runner Up Best Exhibit in Show at the RRCQInc 1997 September Show. 'Mick' has also consistently won / placed in classes,at Ridgeback Specialty Shows throughout Australia.

Micky has been awarded Best Gaited Dog at numerous Ridgeback Specialty Shows and is generally always shortlisted in this class. He has often received comments from by All Breeds Judges to the effect of: 'Floating effortlessly around the showring; Able to move all day'

He is also a Multiple Royal Best of Breed winner.

'Micky's' Daughter 'Nampolu Mohabi' who is infrequently shown and nearly titled, was awarded Best Headed Bitch at the 1999 RRCQInc Championship Show, under Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Pauline Sadler.

Micky had new progeny entering the show ring in 2001:

'Amakhosi Aussie Gold' (aka 'Ozzie') has begun his show career in the USA,after a very successful show career start in Australia.

'Amakhosi Destined For Gold' (aka 'Zari' ) is proving to also be very successful in the showring, and living up to her name of 'Golden Girl'! She has most recently achieved her Championship Title (February 2002), in fine style, being awarded not only Best of Breed, but also BEST IN GROUP, and INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP, at the Beaudesert Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show! This was awarded by Hound Specialist Judge: Mrs P Bockman- Chato (NSW).

Some of 'Zari's' other great achievements to date have been: ** Reserve Challenge Bitch; and Junior in Show at the NSW Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Championship Specialty Show under Judge: Mr R Rupert (Oakhurst Kennels USA).

**This was followed by RUBOB and Challenge Bitch at the NSW Hound Club Specialty Championship Show under another Hound Specialist Judge: Mr R McFadden (USA). She achieved both of these at only 15 months of age!

'Amakhosi Designed for Gold' (aka 'Simba') finally began showing at nearly 12 months of age. He won Puppy in Group (Judge: Mrs H Lee James USA) and 4th in the Queensland Classic at his very first show. He is still finding his feet in the showring, but has been awarded numerous Reserve Dog Challenges and Class in Group Awards. We expect Simba to ably fill his father's shoes in the showring in the years to come.

Micky's Granddaughter 'Ch Amakhosi Bahati Makena' has also proven herself to be a winner in the showring throughout 2000, 2001 and now also 2002. She was recently awarded RESERVE IN GROUP, at the Beenleigh Kennel Club Championship Show (February 2002) under Mr K Stout (Q) on her Birthday weekend. Makena had just turned 2yo. She is always a pleasure to handle in the showring.

'Amakhosi Classic Gold' (aka 'Saran') has also made her mark in the Baby Puppy and Puppy Classes. She is infrequently shown, but we are looking forward to continuing success with this young lady in the future.

Micky has a number of youngsters making their show debut in 2002. They have already achieved: Baby Puppy in Show, Multiple Baby Puppy in Group, Minor Puppy in Group and Reserve Challenges (from Minor Class). He also has a son in New Zealand who is making his show debut in May.


These are some more recent photos of 'Micky'.

The top photo was taken in June 2001, just after 'Micky' had turned 7yo.

The bottom photo was taken at the Sydney Ridgeback Specialty in October 2001 where he is about 7 1/2 yo.

He has always been a difficult boy to get to stand, and loves leaning back, but Lisa (top photo) always manages to get the best from him!

He is still looking good, and is in semi-retirement from the show ring now! I took him to the Darling Downs Kennel Club Championship Show in January 2002, and he still beat the younger boys, taking out BEST OF BREED and following up with BEST IN GROUP! We ventured to Toowoomba for the Toowoomba Royal in April 2002, where Micky again proved that age is no barrier, taking out BEST OF BREED. There was a breed entry of over 40 Rhodesian Ridgebacks at this show. He had 4 of his progeny also entered in this show, with all of them winning their classes, one being awarded Reserve Challenge Bitch (from Minor Puppy class), his son, Baby Puppy in Group, and other daughter (Zari) Intermediate in Group. The Judge was Dr J Reeve-Newson (Canada).

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