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Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala


DOB: 26 October 2016
OCD Shoulders:
DM: Free
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Mala Mala 2,5 years old

She is Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala. Her father is Pl.Ch.Ricvive Vignon Rouge (Imp. South Africa) and her mother IntCh. EJCh. GBZJCh. CATJCh. Molema Mua Rôo Miss Congeniality. She was born in the repeated mating between this lovely pair, Rouge and Odile. I repeated the litter as the previous one, the puppies were just terrific in body and mind. She is at home because it is her destiny. She was sold to a RR breeder in Italy, I regretted that decision as she was a really stunning puppy but of course we cannot keep all the dogs we breed and after all she was going to a good home.

But destiny had another plans for her, she must come back home, so one month and a half she was again at my home. I couldn’t believe what I saw, Mala Mala arrived home she welcomed her mother, Odile, also Gala and Robin and she went to her bed in the saloon as she was never left. One month later of her arrival I “presented her in society” to see if she was the show potential puppy I was sold and she passed the test with flying colors. Lot of friends that have tried to help in her coming back to Spain, wanted to meet her and all of them were astonished with Mala Mala, a stunning puppy.

Things happen for some reason and with Mala Mala was because she had to be with me.

3 years

4 years

Mala Mala 11 months old

Mala Mala 18 months old


Mala Mala 2 years old

Mala Mala 2 years old

Mala Mala 2,5 años

Mala Mala 2,5 años


National Dog Show in Martorell 2018

CatJCh.Molema Mua Rôo Mala Mala – Exc 1, CCJ, Best Junior and RESERVE BIS JUNIOR

3,5 months old

3,5 months old

3,5 months old

4,5 months

4,5 months old

Mala Mala 10 months

From left to right Mala Mala, Odile and Satara

Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017




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