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Vanessa Moyano Gonzálvez

Contact details:

Apartado de Correos 81, 08786 Capellades, Barcelona, SPAIN – - +34 696 41 45 64

I have had dogs since I was a child but they weren’t purebred. I loved dogs and I used to buy a lot of magazines, books and encyclopedias about dogs. I saw a Ridgeback in a magazine and I fell in love with that breed but I was only a little girl and my parents weren’t very interested in looking for where to buy a Ridgeback.

Years later, I started to look for my dreamed breed. My first Rhodesian Ridgeback came into my live in 1999, and it was with that puppy that I started to go to dog shows. With the years the number of Ridgebacks at home have increased, being 7 the maximum number that I have had at the same time.

I have shown my dogs around Europe to their championships, which are more than 60 since I started to go to dog shows in the year 2000 till today, 2021.

My kennel name is “Molema Mua Rôo” and I have bred 19 litters from 2003 till 2021. From where some puppies have been exported to France, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Norway, USA, Sierra Leona, Ghana, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba and Chile and they have become champions of their country, stud dogs or brood bitches or just beloved pets.

In 2006 I became steward. I attended lot of shows as steward in Spain and I still do it but with less frequency.
In 2009 I did my exam to become judge. I was judge in practice during 2 years. In 2011 I did the breeds exam and I became National judge of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Beagle, Dalmatian, Labrador and Golden Retriever, but since then the number of breeds that I am able to judge has increased gradually. It was also in 2011 that I became member of the committee of the regional kennel club of Catalonia (ACUCC) till 2015. In 2014 I became International judge.

I have attended 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress (Ireland 2008 and Scandinavia 2016) so far.

I have been judging in:

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Club Shows or Specialties (CAC)
Switzerland 2012, France 2012, Norway 2014, Germany 2015 (ELSA Club Show + Specialty), Czech Republic 2016, Great Britain (InterClub Challenge Match 2016), Sweden 2017, Netherlands 2017, Denmark 2018, Austria 2018, Great Britain RR Championship Club Show 2019, Slovakia 2022, France 2023 (Specialty).

Other breeds Club Shows or Specialties
Club Show of the Dalmatian - Spain 2017, Club Show of the Beagle - Spain 2017, Club Show of the Beagle - Spain 2021, Club Show of the Gos D'Atura Català - Spain 2021, Club Show of the Beagle - Spain 2022, Club Show of the Gos D'Atura Català - Sweden 2022. Club Show Dalmatian - France 2023.

All Breeds National Shows (CAC and CACIB): Spain, France, Belgium, Finland and Ireland. World Dog Show Madrid 2020/22.

Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

List of breeds that I can judge on International level (CACIB)

Group 1: Catalan Sheepdog, Majorca Shepherd Dog, Garafiano Shepherd Dog

Group 5: Ibizan Podenco



Group 10: Spanish Greyhound


Germany 2015 (ELSA Club Show + Specialty)

Czech Republic 2016

Great Britain (InterClub Challenge Match 2016)

France 2012

National Dog Show Bailleul Sur Thérain (France) - BIS Jeune

National Dog Show Charleroi (Belgium)

International Dog Show Martorell (Spain)

BIS International Show in Málaga 2017

BIS International Show Compiègne 2018 (France)

Spanish Water Dog at the International Dog Show of Tampere - Finland

Great Britain RR Championship Club Show 2019

RR Club Show Slovakia 2022


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