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Esta es BAHIYA. Es muy decidida y no duda en acercarse con elegancia a todo lo que le interesa.Tiene su propia pagina web:

De cachorro y joven


Bahiya con 16 meses


Bahiya con 8 semanas

Bahiya avec sa famille, Vanessa et Gaël.

Toulouse hotel, some hours before her owners come to pick her up.

During the long trip by car

Je suis encore très petite, mais quand je arrive sur le rings.

Bahiya, Juillet 2007

Elle adore aller promener dans le rivière

Ma jolie tête


Nuevas fotos de Bahiya, con 6 añitos!


Resultados 2007

Nationale d'élévage du Rhodesian Ridgeback 


2 June 2007

Mrs. Karen Van Klaveren (Germany)

Kisangani kennel


Très Prometeur 1 / Meilleur Puppy

Spéciale du Rhodesian Ridgeback 


3 June 2007

Mr. Boitard (France)


Très Prometeur 1 / Meilleur Puppy

August 2007 - Visiting mama Gala

We have had a very nice visit of Bahiya (Molema Mua Rôo Athenea) to our home, she lives in Alsace but she was on holiday in the south of France and she has made another little trip to Barcelona to meet her mum Gala. We are very happy that Gael and Vanessa came home, many thanks, I enjoyed a lot your presence!

Posing at home to show how is she growing and developing into a very nice girl.

With mum Gala

After dinner at Sitges Port.

Manuel, owner of Asim (Molema Mua Rôo Bloodline), has recommended me this restaurant (Thanks!) as they accept dogs inside, I was really impressed when the waiter came with a bowl of water for our Bahiya. It seems that things start to change over here!

After lunch we went to waltk through Sitges promenade, it was very hot! We meet there Manuel and family, and uncle Asim could meet little Bahiya. We expected that Bahiya's sister Zamburu (Molema Mua Rôo Princess Daisy) could come too, but at the end she couldn't.

Asim and Bahiya wanted to play so we went to a place where they could play without leash! They enjoyed a lot, meanwhile we were talking!


Reiko giving some water to the dogs!



Bahiya, she was so tired! We had to stop Asim, he is older and he still had enough strenght to continue playing!


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